About Me

Cindy-ProfilePictureAwww…Thanks For Caring 🙂

My name is Cindy Juanita Clemens. I grew up in Idaho. During my childhood (mostly my teens) I had the opportunity to experience a lot of things kids in my current world think are funny. Including my own daughter. We had pigs, chickens, horses, rabbits, dogs, cats and various other animals in my life as a kid and that gave me a chance to see how the world works and where things come from.

I even raised pedigreed/papered Mini Lop rabbits and did shows, won ribbons and everything. I was even a member of the “American Rabbit Breeders Association“. I swear, there really is such a thing! 🙂

I was part of 4-H for rabbits for 2 years and with horses for a few months. I was able to learn to appreciate the things you find in the grocery store and understand the wonderful flavor of a sun warm strawberry picked right off the plant.

I was blessed with family Christmas at Grandma's house and multiple Thanksgiving dinners spread out over the entire weekend, just to be able to fit everyone in. I was blessed with multiple grandparents, for some reason I seemed to have way more than all of my friends. I even had multiple Great-Grandparents for most of my youth and was very lucky not to lose anyone in my family until I was 16.

Of course like most people I have learned to appreciate my rural upbringing much more now that I am an adult than I did as a kid 🙂

As a kid all I dreamed about was moving to the “big city”.

Which I eventually did.

When I was 18 I spent some time in New York (Long Island) as a nanny to a 7 year old boy. (It is scary to realize he is a legal adult and can even drink now if he wants to…)

Then I was blessed with my amazing daughter. If you know me in person you know that I talk about her a lot. She said it is one of my mom superpowers to be able to insert her into almost any conversation in some way or another. I just think it's cool that at 25 she still thinks I have Mommy Super Powers 🙂

I have been with Ely forever 🙂 (well not quite but…) and we have known each other since he was 14 and I was 17. More than half of our lives. WOW! He is wonderful and I am still amazed by him each and every day.

In 1995 the 3 of us picked up and moved to Phoenix Arizona. Morgan (our daughter) was raised there and is definitely a city kid in every sense of the word.

In 2012 the 3 of us picked up again and moved to Portland Oregon. Yes when we move we make it worth all the effort 🙂

We currently have multiple businesses. One of them, Knight Tymes Designs, LLC Ely started and ran by himself for 12 years. I came into the mix in August of 2007 after leaving my last “day job”. We merged Knight Tymes Designs into Purple Knight Marketing in 2016.

Aother one we started together in December 2007 after a brainstorming session on the way to and from a marketing seminar in Las Vegas. And so the first version of Your Marketing University was born. In 2011 that first version evolved into the Your Marketing University. you see today.

In December 2014 I published my first book! Cool huh? I co-wrote it with Ely and self-published it. We are each writing our own now and I hope to have them both published by July 2017. Our book even hit #1 on Amazon in 2 different categories! That part was really cool!

On top of thoat we each have our own projects. 🙂

Mine is Midnight Dreams Photography. Photography, primarily nature photography, is my passion. I am rearely found without my camera and can make a simple 10 minute walk turn into a 30 minute talk, stop, talk, stop without even thinking about it.

in 2016 I branded out to actually create products from my photos. It was a HUGE step for me and I am pretty proud of it.

It has been a fun ride so far and is only looking to get better as time goes on. Here is some basic trivia about me:

  • Favorite Color: Green (Emerald)
  • Favorite Food: (currently) Bananas and Raw Almonds
  • Favorite TV Show: (currently) Reign
  • Graduated From: Kuna High School
  • Favorite Non-Fiction Author: Larry Winget and of course ME 🙂
  • Favorite Fiction Writer: J.D. Robb (The In Death Series specifically)

If there is anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask. “I am an open book” 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to look around a bit and also connect with me on Social Media!

“See” you soon,