You Can Block Facebook Game Invites….

You Can Block Facebook Game Invites….

Stop-Facebook-Game-InvitesSo…let's talk about Facebook Game invites.

People who play games on Facebook LOVE them (the games). They play the games a lot.

People who do not play the games on Facebook HATE them (the games ;)) Those of us who do not play the games Facebook has to offer sometimes feel like we are fighting a losing battle against the title wave of invites we get asking us to join our game playing friends in the fun.

It can be very frustrating. Many people try to deal with this by posting one of hundreds of photos with various images and word combinations asking (BEGGING) their game playing friends to please, please, PLEASE stop sending them game invites.

I have even seen people unfriend people because of the flood of game invites.

A couple of things to understand:

  1. Sometimes your friends don't know they invited you
  2. Sometimes it was an accident (and honest mistake)
  3. Sometimes the game does it without their knowledge
  4. Sometimes they simply do not know how to turn off that option in the game they are playing.
  5. Very rarely are your friends sending you game invites simply to annoy you…

With that said…

Did you know YOU can stop getting game invites?

Yep…YOU have to power to stop Facebook from sending you game invites. From anyone…

It is a really simple process. Unfortunately it is not a setting and it cannot be done once for any and all future games. However it takes about 2 minutes once a month or so to make it so you are only getting 10-20 a month instead of 10-20 a day.

Hey! At some point better is better than nothing at all…right?

So…check out the video below and see exactly how to stop game invites. I show you exactly how to do it. It is really easy and only takes a few seconds per game. and then you never get another invite from that game, from anyone ever again!

Click the image to play the video

Did that help? I hope so. Believe me I totally understand the frustration. But this is really the only way to make the invites stop (or at least slow down dramatically…)

Hope this was useful. Be sure to post your thoughts below and share this post with any frustrated friends you might have (or run across in the future)


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