Jean Blakley

Jean Blakley
b: 1891


  • 1891 - Birth - ; Kansas, United States


Albert Blakely
22 JUL 1860 - 4 Jan 1932
Martha A. "Mattie" Purdom\Purdum
4 Nov 1861 - 22 Jul 1903



Family Chart - As Child

PARENT (M) Albert Blakely
Birth22 JUL 1860Baltimore Co., MD
Death4 Jan 1932 Fredonia, Wilson, Kansas, United States
Marriage25 Dec 1879to Martha A. "Mattie" Purdom\Purdum at Yates Center, Woodson, Kansas, United States
PARENT (F) Martha A. "Mattie" Purdom\Purdum
Birth4 Nov 1861Elexie, Jackson, Kansas, United States
Death22 Jul 1903 Neosho, Kansas, United States
Marriage25 Dec 1879to Albert Blakely at Yates Center, Woodson, Kansas, United States
FAmanda Agnes Blakley
Birth24 June 1889Woodson County, Kansas, USA
Death19 Jun 1944Woodburn, Oregon-Woodburn Cemetery,OR
MarriageUnknownto Oliver Francis Clemens
Marriageabout 1904to Oliver Francis Clemens at Atchison County, Missouri, USA
FJean Blakley
Birth1891Kansas, United States
MRoy Edward Blakley
Birth31 Mar 1897Wilson, Kansas, United States
DeathFeb 1984Oroville, Butte, California, United States
FAlta Blakley
Birth26 Jan 1881Woodson, Kansas, United States
MRalph twin Blakley
Birth8 May 1902Wilson, Kansas, United States
Death1960Washington, United States
FAugusta Gusta Blakley
BirthOct 1894Wilson Co., KS
DeathFeb 1984
MRay Blakely
BirthMar 1897Kansas
Death18 May 1902Wilson, Kansas, United States
FMaud Blakely
BirthMay 1893Wilson, Kansas, United States
FBuelah Blakely
Birth8 May 1900Wilson, Kansas, United States
MEugene Lester Gene Blakley
Birth17 May 1892Wilson, Kansas, United States
Death1974Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, United States
MJohn Franklin Blakley
BirthJune 7, 1883Woodson Co., KS
DeathMarch 9, 1965Nyssa, OR
MJesse Blakely
Birth1 Sep 1888Wilson, Kansas
Death16 Apr 1976Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States
FAnna Blakely
Birth6 Apr 1885Woodson, Kansas, United States
Death10 Feb 1907

Family Chart - As Spouse

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