Nicholas Clemens

Nicholas Clemens
b: 26 Feb 1825
d: 8 Feb 1893


  • 26 Feb 1825 - Birth - ; Lake Twp, Logan Co., OH
  • 8 Feb 1893 - Death - ; Grant, Fulton, Indiana, United States


Isaac Sr. Clemans
Abt 1779 - 13 Dec 1853
Elizabeth Wingid
1750 - 1779
Nicholas Clemens
26 Feb 1825 - 8 Feb 1893
Nicholas Carpenter
21 Dec 1742 - 04 Oct 1791
Elizabeth Carpenter
Abt 1782 - AFT 24 JUL 1850
Mary Wolfe
1745 - 1816



Family Chart - As Child

PARENT (M) Isaac Sr. Clemans
BirthAbt 1779New Jersey, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Death13 Dec 1853 Henry Twp., Fulton Co. IN.
Marriage3 Feb 1801to Elizabeth Carpenter at Harrison, West Virginia, USA
FatherJohn Julius Clemens
MotherElizabeth Wingid
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Carpenter
BirthAbt 1782Harrison, West Virginia, USA
DeathAFT 24 JUL 1850 Fulton, Fulton, Indiana, United States
Marriage3 Feb 1801to Isaac Sr. Clemans at Harrison, West Virginia, USA
FatherNicholas Carpenter
MotherMary Wolfe
MJesse Lafayette Clemens
BirthBET 1807 AND 1809Lake Twp., Logan Co., OH
DeathAFT AUG 1870Fairbault, Rice, Minnesota
Marriage15 JAN 1832to Abigail Bennett at Logan Co, OH
Marriage28 Apr 1862to Rebecca Foxall at Freemont, IA
FFemale Clemans
BirthAbt 1821
MBilly Clemans
DeathBef 1895
MSamuel J Clemens
Birth6 Sep 1814Lake Twp., Logan Co., OH
Death2 Oct 1890Fairbault, Rice, Minnesota, United States
FMalinda Clemans
Birth12 Aug 1828Lake Twp., Logan Co., OH
Death7 Feb 1901Grant, Fulton Co., IN
MNicholas Clemens
Birth26 Feb 1825Lake Twp, Logan Co., OH
Death8 Feb 1893Grant, Fulton, Indiana, United States
MDavid Clemans
Birth11 Jan 1816Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio, USA
Death1 May 1881Athens, Fulton, Indiana, USA
FMary "Polly" Clemans
BirthAbt 1 May 1805Harrison Co, WV
Death29 May 1871Henry, Fulton, Indiana, United States
MAble Clemans
BirthJun 1806Harrison, Charles, Virginia, United States
Death1806Harrison, Charles, Virginia, United States
MIsaac Jr. Clemans
Birth15 May 1819Lake Twp., Logan Co., OH
Death9 Aug 1887Reamsville,, Smith Co., KS
MThomas Clemans
Birth10 Nov 1811Urbana, Champaign Co., OH
Death20 Nov 1901Macy, Miami Co., IN
MJohn Burris Clemans
BirthAbt 1801Harrison, Charles, Virginia, USA
Death28 Feb 1855Henry Twp., Fulton Co., IN
MUnknown Clemans
BirthAbt 1810Lake, Logan, Ohio
DeathBET 1811 AND 1904

Family Chart - As Spouse

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