Lynn Howard Kennel

Lynn Howard Kennel
b: 28 Sep 1948
d: 26 Nov 1961


  • 28 Sep 1948 - Birth -
  • 26 Nov 1961 - Death -


Henry Kennel
9 Sep 1907 - 30 Jul 1994
Lynn Howard Kennel
28 Sep 1948 - 26 Nov 1961
Della Cusic
21 Jul 1917 - 8 Aug 2007



Family Chart - As Child

PARENT (M) Henry Kennel
Birth9 Sep 1907Michigan
Death30 Jul 1994 Nampa, Canyon, Idaho, United States of America
Marriageto Della Cusic
Marriageto Private
PARENT (F) Della Cusic
Birth21 Jul 1917Colorado
Death8 Aug 2007 Nampa, Canyon, Idaho, United States of America
Marriageto Henry Kennel
MHarold Lee Kennel
Birth20 Nov 1934Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho, USA
Death30 Oct 2004Garden Valley, Boise County, Idaho, USA
Marriage31 Mär 1953to Virginia Lee Clemens at Canyon County, Idaho, USA
MLynn Howard Kennel
Birth28 Sep 1948
Death26 Nov 1961

Family Chart - As Spouse

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