Is There Such A Thing As A Humanist?

Is There Such A Thing As A Humanist?

Feminist-HumanistI saw this post on Facebook today and in it Sarah asked what type of “Feminist” you would be out of the 4 mentioned in the article she was referencing.

First let me say, I did not read the article (sorry Sarah). But since she asked (might be one of those, be careful what you ask for moments) I thought I would share my thoughts. I posted them on the reply to her post, but then I decided it would make a good blog post and…here we are.

I think I am a Humanist.

I don't even know if that is a thing, but if not I am making it a thing (and it is mine so be sure to quote me so I can be famous…k?)

Now you want to know “what in the world is a Humanist?!” Right?

Okay, here goes…

I don't think boys and girls are equal.


I know, I know horrible. But hear me out. We are not equal like Apples and Oranges are not equal. Because they are not the same. Therefore…not equal.

However one is also not better or worse than the other. You may like one better than the other. You may completely dislike one and absolutely LOVE the other, but that does not change the fact that the Apples and Oranges themselves are not better or worse than the other.

Just like people (very much so in fact). You may like boys better, you may like girls better. No..not in the like 'em like 'em way, just enjoy them better as people.

But the fact remains that they are not the same.

However…boys and girls should still have the same rights and the same treatment in the public business world.

Not because “MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUAL!”. But because we are all human. (Thus the Humanist thing…see…I get back around to it eventually 🙂 )

How we are the same is we are both human. Kind of like Apples and Oranges are both fruits.

Squirrel “They say it's the same…but it's not the same…” (inside joke because it's my blog and it makes me giggle)

And all humans should have the same rights. All humans should be treated the same in situations where they can be the same. 

For example if I have a skill and a guy has a skill but I do that skill slightly better then I should get the job. If he does the skill slightly better he should get the job. I should not be hired because I am a girl. I should be hired because I am the better person for the job. And/or the guy should not be hired because I am a girl (sorry folks, but that is reality) but because he is the better person for the job.

However no matter who gets the job the pay should be the same (it is the same job after all…)

We should both have the same freedoms. Girls get maternity leave to bond and nurture their newborn. Guys should get the same thing (and the same amount of time). It is not a boy girl thing, it is a human thing. 

Squirrel – When I was a kid our horse had a baby early one morning (yes we knew, it was on purpose 🙂 ). And we went to the pasture to see it. When it was time to leave for school my Mom called the school and said I would not be in that day. When they asked why she said because their was a birth in the family. They said Aww Congratulations! and I got an excused absence and hung out at the pasture all way with the new baby 🙂

But I am a girl. I like pretty things, I like doors opened for me, I like to be cherished and loved in a different way than most guys do. Most guys to not want to be “”treated” the same as a girl.

Some do and that is cool also as long as it works in your personal relationships. My best friend is a guy and he told me his favorite flower so I took a bunch of photos of them and added motivational quotes and created a book and sent it to him just because I knew he would like it. The key is everyone is happy and fulfilled in the ways that are important to them. 

And…yes I do use the “girl” card to get out of things.  But I do not need a guy to kill bugs for me…a girl is welcome to do it if she would like. The key is…I am not going to and someone needs to…

But the guy in my world is usually the only one with shoes on so…of course it is his job to deal with the bug because it will be gone by the time the girls find shoes (upstairs…).

Squirrel – Before you defend the poor helpless bug 1. Have you ever SEEN an Arizona Cockroach…?! They are as large as hamsters! And 2. for the record most bugs leave our house a alive. They are rescued and placed outside. Which is fine as long as they don't live in the house. 🙂

So I am probably not a feminist. I am more of a equal job/skill gets equal pay, benefits, etc -ist. 

Or maybe I am something else… maybe a Humanist.

Is that a thing? I think it should be… so.. it is now a thing 🙂

What about you? Are you a feminist? A Humanist? Something else entirely (it's okay you can make up your own new -ist too)  


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