Memory Lane: A Grandma Sandwich

Memory Lane: A Grandma Sandwich

Memory Lane: Grandma Sandwich
Today Morgan came in the kitchen (My office) to make lunch. She said “I am having a Grandma Sandwich for lunch”. I looked at her and said “A what?” and she explained.

It made perfect sense.

You see the picture on this post is my Grandma and Morgan. Every time you went to visit Grandma she tried to feed you (like most Grandmas 🙂 ). And if she convinced you that you needed a sandwich it was always made the same way.

Wonderful soft white bread (Wonder I think), mayo, cheese, ham and lettuce. Cut in half across, not diagonal.

And…it was the best sandwich you had ever had each and every time.

Well Morgan decided a while back apparently that the missing ingredient in her sandwiches was the lettuce. And sure enough she added it and it was wonderful.

Of course not perfect because it was not made by her Great Grandma, but much better none the less.

As she told me about her “Grandma Sandwich” I realized that I have the same memories.

Sitting at Grandma's little kitchen table with my ham sandwich with lettuce with my Grandma while we talked about every thing and anything.

She was a wonderful person. I am brought to tears with happiness that my daughter was able to have her in her childhood as well. I wish all children the joy of a Grandma like mine. I miss her daily and it is extra special that something as simple as a “Grandma Sandwich” allows her to live on in our lives.

Of course today I also had a Grandma Sandwich for lunch. And you know what, my daughter was right (sshh, don't tell her I said that she will never let me live it down… 🙂 ). It was a pretty great sandwich. The only difference was the lettuce. But it also came with wonderful memories. So my ham sandwich is now a Grandma Sandwich and comes with a side of love and memories with each and every bite.

I do believe there may be a new tradition in our family. The tradition of the Grandma Sandwich. Which means Grandma Mitchell will live on in one more way (there are already a lot…did I mention how great she was?) for many generations to come.

Funny how the simplest things can bring back a flood of memories. Something as simple as a basic ham sandwich can remind you of your childhood and one of the best people in it.

I would love to hear YOUR stories about the simple things in your life that remind you of your childhood. Please share…


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